Melania Trump reportedly used her personal email for government business

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WASHINGTON (NYTIMES) – Melania Trump used a personal email account and encrypted messaging apps like Signal to conduct government

First female operator for elite police unit

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A car screeched to a halt right in the middle of a “terrorist attack”, and four heavily armoured police

MHA to get tough on abuse of security officers; changes to the assessment of security companies

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SINGAPORE – Those who abuse and harass private security officers carrying out their work could be liable under new offences

New initiatives launched to support private security officers who suffer abuse at work

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SINGAPORE – The Security Industry Council (SIC) is launching new initiatives to support private security officers who suffer abuse

Forum: Security industry has potential to provide more jobs

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It is easy to see where Forum letter writer William Adam Morton Jr is coming from in suggesting that

Digital contact tracing tools required for all businesses and services

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Contact tracing initiatives are now being stepped up, as the risk of community cases still remain after the circuit

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